Best Pay Per Click Advertising for Financial Services

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We are a large team of PPC/SEM experts that have dedicated the last decade to helping financial institutions establish a sustainable presence on search engines like Google

If you have a decent Marketing budget, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising might be a great addition to your Marketing strategy. It’s a lot more than just targeting customers at the right time. Rather, it involves a lot of testing and measuring of performance to determine the best way forward for your campaign to drive guaranteed success. PPC guarantees that your budget will only be spent on users who are interested or are already looking for a financial firm that they could hire to deal with their Financial matters.

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Best Pay Per Click Advertising for Financial Services

By partnering with us, you are making an investment that our highly-skilled SEO technicians can utilise in order to bring you the results that you have been dreading to get.

Having a team of over 55 SEO and marketing veterans in our team and over 14 years of hands-on industry experience, we know exactly what needs to be done right from the start.

Hiring an experienced SEO team that knows what to do right off the bat will save you a lot of time and headaches in wondering what the next SEO strategy should be.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients range from large Wealth Management Corporations looking to establish national dominance on Google for their keywords and phrases to Independent Accountancy Firms that have seen local success and want to capture the attention of customers outside of their local area.
Best Pay Per Click Advertising for Financial Services

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Best Pay Per Click Advertising for Financial Services

Why People Choose Us?

We have successfully executed SEO campaigns for Businesses from all possible Financial Services out there today. Thus, we have hands-on experience with researching, planning, and executing SEO strategies against a range of consumers with vastly different characteristics.

Needless to say, we can get the project started immediately and day by day, we will bring you closer to acquiring New Customers, generating More Revenue, and growing your Business.  This means that none of the resources you invest in our team to help you with your SEO will go to waste. Rather, it will be utilised accordingly from the get-go.

Over the last 14 years, we have solely dedicated our SEO efforts to helping businesses that are operating within the Financial Industry. Having gone through a series of recessions and economic fallbacks, we and our clients’ have learned that people will always be looking for advice and help with their money on the internet.

So, by ranking on Google for keywords and phrases, you can capture a huge number of attention that can easily increase your website visitors, and therefore leads, customers, and eventually, revenue. Typically, most of our clients see results within as soon as three months, however, as you may already know, SEO campaigns usually last between 6-18 months for the best chance of being successful on Google.

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Is Pay Per Click Really Worth it for Financial Services in Ireland?

With the internet, selling has been made easier. Business owners are now spoilt with different options for getting their businesses seen, and one of the top advertising models used is Pay Per Click. Pay Per Click has, over time, became the in-thing. There are a lot of prospects it promises that have endeared Financial Services to patronize it.

Like a goldmine, every business owner, even those offering Financial Services, is ever willing to gain from it. And if we were you, we wouldn’t want to pass up on the opportunities your business stands to gain by using pay per click services. Before we go any further, what is Pay Per Click?

Best Pay Per Click Advertising for Financial Services

Pay per click is an advertising model for digital marketers that allows the placement of ads to boost traffic and increase conversion metrics. The key thing and the most exciting thing about pay per click advertising is that marketers only have to pay a certain sum whenever the ads are clicked. So invariably, the sum is not fixed and mostly dependent on the number of clicks amassed.

What is Pay Per Click?

What this invariably implies is the enormous potential Google as a search engine promises if you can get your ad on the top searches concerning relevant keywords.

Statistically, In 2019, Google was opined to process over 3.5 billion every day. To put it in better perspective, that’s over 40,000 searches recorded every second. Amazing, right? More interesting is the fact that 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page.

Best Pay Per Click Advertising for Financial Services

Benefits of Pay Per Click for Financial Services

With some advertising options, the goal is to reach a broad audience without caring whether they are likely to buy. In that case, the aim is almost defeated because while traffic is a great thing, leads conversion is key. Given how adept we are at segmentation, we do everything possible to make click count. In essence, your ad will get to the right people, and each click has a higher prospect of conversion.

Pay per click advertising is not one size fits all. The amount budgeted for pay per click advertising among a plethora of Financial Services varies. So, you can streamline your cost per day to fit your budget in such a way that it doesn’t get overwhelming for you.

With pay per click, you have the creative control to select the sites or platforms to where your ad is presented. This decision will be governed by your understanding of where has higher prospects of conversion. There is also a provision in pay per click that allows you to dictate when your ad shows. Consumer behavior studies show some times are peak periods to encourage conversion. This is because most people at that time are more likely to be online to view the ad. In essence, dictating the timing at which your audience gets to see your ad is such a smart thing to do.

As a rule of thumb, you want to know how well your ad is doing. You want to see if it is reaching the right people. You want to know how well the ad is converting. Because, at the end of it all, what’s the whole point of doing an ad with poor performance? The pay-per-click model gives you all information to help you figure out how your ad performs. This information includes clicks, conversions, impressions, etc. When you see how well that ad performs, you will be more informed to model prospective ads to give results.

This is one of the vital benefits pay per click for Financial Services holds over other online advertising forms. For others, the main concern is about getting the ad out there. There is no concern as to whether the ad converts to visits or not. In some instances, it becomes a waste of money because while the ad gets seen, only a few users click on it.

However, Pay per click is modeled so that you only get to pay for visits attained. So far, you may have encountered some terms that may seem alien to you. To better help, you understand how pay per click works, it will do you a lot of benefits to familiarize yourself with some of these terms.

Different Options for Pay Per Click Advertising

At this point, you must understand that Pay Per Click is just a payment model and doesn’t in any way translate to the location the ad is presented. With Pay Per Click advertising, you are spoilt with options regarding where you want your ad to be seen.

The three main options where the pay per click ads can be shown are:

The three main social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) records nothing less than 700 million users.

This implies that there is a large number of people that goo could reach on these platforms with a strategic ad. The exciting thing about these social media platforms is that they offer pay per click advertising. Brands, even those offering financial services in Ireland, have, over time, come to understand the force that Social media is. Because of the bulk of data that these social media platforms are privy to from users, running effective PPC ads is possible. In essence, the users get shown advertisements that match their interests, behavior, and demographics.

It is commonplace to open a website and see ads strategically placed on it. In this case, the brand is advised to place ads on those top-ranking sites that relate to the brand in a way. To put things better in perspective, it is advisable to study the audience of people who visit that site to divide whether they are your audience. You don’t want to advertise to the audience. For example, if you are selling games, you will do well to have your ad placed on top game review sites than on a site that focuses on relationships.

While in some cases, there are interests that collide, it is always safer to present the ad to a platform where they are more likely to be appreciated. It would also suffice to note that with PPC displayed on websites, you are bound to reach a smaller audience as opposed to social media or search engines. This is why it is advisable to gun for top sites in your niche, with a large audience to tap from.

Search engine advertising is probably the most popular form of advertising in recent times. And because of its effectiveness, it is widely used by a lot of brands.

For PPC ads on search engines, users get shown advertisements that match the keywords searched. , For example, a user searches for something about Skin, the user could see top ranking ads of skincare products.

This is very advantageous because it has prospects of higher visibility. Also, the ads are more targeted, in this case, based on the keywords searched. So the users that are shown these ads are more likely to click on the ad and possibly convert to a customer.

Other Digital Advertising Models

For this payment model, advertisers are only charged with respect to the specific action the ad is targeting. For example, for an ad that the specific action is to get people to sign up for a program, the advertiser will be charged based on the number of people who sign up.

In this case, the advertiser is charged the moment a thousand impressions are reached with respect to an ad. Invariably this model is only concerned about the ad getting to a thousand people that view the ad. And it is less targeted.

The problem with this payment model is that you might end up paying a huge sum for an ad that is not yielding results and that defeats the whole purpose of running an ad. This model doesn’t make room for people making specific actions that could be favorable for your ad goals as opposed to the PPC model or PPA model. This model is usually used by big brands that have already established a name and are just concerned about being in the faces of their consumers. However, as a local business offering financial services in Ireland, you should opt for a more strategic model like the Pay per click.

You want to make sure every penny spent on advertising is worth it and you see results as regards people patronizing your business. When you hire us, you are hiring a team of competent professionals experienced in assisting financial institutions to maintain a sustainable presence on search engines and relevant platforms. A trial is more than enough to convince you.

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Best Pay Per Click Advertising for Financial Services

Some Notable Terms to Familiarize Yourself with to Understand Pay Per Click

We could help you control those who get to see your ad using different metrics. These metrics could be location, age, buyer behaviour, interests, etc. By segmenting your audience, you get to show your ad to a classified audience that is more likely to convert than others.

As the name implies, Here you get to concede on the price you want to Pay Per Click as an advertiser.

This is a metric that gives insight into how the audience is reacting to a particular ad. In Digital Advertising language, impressions could also imply the number of views or engagements an ad attracts.

This is another metric that is very relevant to figuring out the performance of an ad. Click through rate gives the advertiser insights on the number of clicks an ad attracts per number of engagement.

This is the page where the ad directs the user to. It is the page where your prospects get converted to a consumer of your product. As a brand offering financial services in Ireland, the landing page is of key importance as that’s where the magic happens. In essence, it has to be set up so that the customer will be interested in patronizing your business after seeing what you have to offer. It is always advisable to go for a landing page that is aesthetically appealing, concise, and direct.

Of all metrics, as regards pay per click advertising, this is probably the most important. It is the goal of most ad campaigns not to attract a wide audience to view it and convert to customers. To better understand what conversion implies, it is basically the number of sales you get concerning the clicks.

This metric highlights the number of times a user gets to see an ad. In some cases, a user needs to see an ad several times, for them to develop interest. In other cases, the user might find the ad off-putting when they keep seeing the ad repeatedly.